Finance and accounts

With an annual turnover of over £810 million (2017/18) the Trust is one of the largest in the country.

The chief financial officer is David French. David joined the Trust in February 2016 and leads on finance, estates and commercial development.  

Find out what we spend and how we spend it, including audit reports, tender procedures and funding.

The Trust's financial services are provided by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. This includes payroll, debt collection and payment of invoices.

Address for invoices

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
RHM Payables 4755
Phoenix House
Topcliffe Lane
West Yorkshire

For any queries on sales invoice and accounts receivable please telephone 030 3123 1155.

For unpaid invoices and accounts payable please telephone 030 3123 1177.

Contact details for payroll

UHS Payroll
Salisbury District Hospital 
Odstock Road

Telephone: 017 2233 6262