Global Digital Exemplar

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust is proud to be one of 16 centres of excellence known as global digital exemplars, selected by the Department of Health to develop and share digital innovations.

The Trust was awarded this status in 2016 and means we are leaders in an exciting programme to become becoming a paperless NHS Trust

The four-year programme will see the Trust receive a total of £10 million to lead technology projects to improve safety, quality and efficiency that could go on to be rolled out nationwide.

Our informatics department have been using this additional investment to boost our informatics strategy and enable us to deliver pioneering applications to support patient care and medical research.

UHS is recognised as a leader in NHS Information Technology (IT), having overseen the development of a number of pioneering projects. These include My Medical Record which allows out patients to co-manage their healthcare on line by accessing their records enabling them to manage their appointments and share information all from the convenience of home.

The Trust has also been rolling out an electronic document management system (eDMS) which enables inpatient records to be scanned and kept online which will improve access to information and reduce the cost and space required for storing paper records.

In addition the Trust has been installing e-whiteboards in wards which use touchscreen technology to display information taken directly from a patient’s electronic record. This makes it easier for staff to monitor in-patient care pathways and identify what the barriers are to discharge when patients are medically fit to leave hospital.

There are many more projects that UHS is currently developing to help improve efficient patient care through the use of digital solutions.