Global health: projects and partnerships

Our commitment to global health is demonstrated through long-standing international partnerships. Staff at all levels participate in wide-ranging service, research, and training activities to develop innovations and improve health. There are many links across the Trust and University, two of the larger projects are outlined below.

Tropical health education Trust (THET) link - Nepal

Nurses in NepalEstablished in 2007, the Nepal THET link activity is predominately in anaesthesia with smaller links in emergency medicine, paediatric surgery and paediatric cardiology. The Southampton-Nepal anaesthesia link is a two-part link with nurse anaesthesia programmes and speciality medical anaesthesia in Kathmandu.

The rationale is that outside Kathmandu, there are very few medically qualified anaesthetists and anaesthesia is delivered by nurse anaesthetists (known as anaesthesia assistants) in district hospitals. Anaesthesia assistant programmes are in need of extra support, in Kathmandu specialist anaesthetists often work in isolation with few opportunities for professional development – this can be helped by a partnership with a large teaching hospital. Southampton's involvement is primarily in education and teaching, with a smaller clinical delivery component.

For more information email Dr Oliver Ross, consultant anaesthetist,

Ghana-Afrikids-Southampton (GAS)

The GAS Partnership, launched in May 2010, is an exciting and pioneering link between a government agency, a non-governmental organisation and an NHS trust. The purpose is to improve healthcare provision in the upper east region of Ghana. This is primarily done through strengthening manpower, and promoting skill-sharing,  to make a lasting and sustainable impact. The partners are Ghana Health Services, the government agency responsible for healthcare delivery; Afrikids, an award winning child rights charity working with communities across northern Ghana; and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

The partnership has five specialty areas of focus: diagnostics, child health, maternal health, theatres and anaesthetics, and estates planning and facilities management. Each specialty carries out enhanced training for Ghanaian staff in Ghana and the UK, training of trainers, development of specialist courses, continuous professional development programmes for current practitioners, e-learning support, and joint service reviews.

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