Governor blog - February 2017

The role of your Council of Governors

Since the newly elected governors took their posts in October 2016, your Council of Governors has been working to strengthen the working groups for:

  • strategy and finance
  • staff experience
  • patient experience
  • and most importantly membership and engagement

The role of your Council of Governors’, is to hold the board of directors to account, challenge decisions, monitor quality and help determine strategic direction with a view to shaping the Trust’s services. In order that we achieve this, it's important that we hear your views. At present we have over 9000 public members and 10500 staff (who are automatic members because they're employed by the Trust).

The Council of Governors meet quarterly and these meetings are open to the public. By attending you'll be able to see how we challenge the board and governors are often available afterwards to speak with. We do not just sit in meetings and can often be found participating in ward visits, alongside members of the Trust Board. We also sit on various hospital committees and National Governor Forums, which take place throughout the country.

Working on improving your experience

We're currently involved with trying to reinstate over 200 parking spaces which were lost when redevelopment work started at Moorgreen Hospital. The spaces are used by visitors and staff at Countess Mountbatten House, which is within the grounds of Moorgreen Hospital. We hope that by being involved in this work, we can help make the whole experience better for patients and staff - our prime objective.

Why become a member?

By being a member of UHS, you are able to share your views, through your representatives (Governors), and help make your local hospital an even better place. Southampton City is a truly diverse place to be based within and we are committed to establishing a truly representative membership, which includes members from all backgrounds.

Should you wish to be involved and become a member, you can receive a newsletter showing the Trust’s activities as well as invitations to attend events and exclusive discounts through shopping website Health Service Discounts. Should you wish to become more involved, why not stand for election to the Council of Governors.

During the year events for members are organised with clinical experts presenting topics of interest. Following these presentations you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as meeting members of the Trust Board along with your governors. There is also the Annual Members Meeting, where you can hear about what the Trust has been doing over the past year and plans for the future. All of these meetings and events are a great opportunity for the Governors to meet as many of you as we can and hear your views.

Get in touch

Please remember, your views are important, so if you would like to share any comments or queries regarding our plans and services, or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, please contact us by:

Email or our corporate governance team on 023 8120 3763

Bryan Bird, lead governor