Governor blog - July 2017

Dear members

Once again, we have arrived at the time when new governors are to be elected and as I am sure you are aware, members may put themselves forward for the vacant governor posts.

If successfully elected, governors serve an initial three years before being able to seek re-election for a further years, if they so wish. During your term as a governor, you would be required to attend Council of Governor meetings every three months; governor study sessions, two per year; attend at least two open Board sessions and at least one executive meeting. 

Governors are elected to hold the Trust Board of Directors to account through the non-executive directors. This means that should you or another member of your constituency raise criticism of the way the Board has acted, this can then be passed on through the non-executive directors to the main Board. The Council of Governors represent you as members of the Trust and ultimately, members of the public. We aim to gather your views at events we host or participate in throughout the year, as well as emails which get sent in. We are also invited to sit on hospital committees where again our voices represent the members.

I would encourage people who have not yet registered as members to do so because becoming a member means that you may have your say in the way the hospital is run.

Having been a governor for three years and lead governor since July 2016, I have been immensely proud to view the improvements that the hospital has made. The staff and directors of the hospital should be congratulated for all their hard work and commitment.

We urge you make a difference and support your hospital by nominating yourself as a governor of UHS and therefore bring new ideas and life experience to the council.

To find out more, or to request a nomination pack:

Bryan Bird
Lead governor