Governor blog - June 2016

Your hospital needs you!

Once again it’s time for members to elect new governors in the upcoming governor elections at UHS.

With a total of eight vacancies across all four public constituencies, this is a great opportunity for members to put their names forward to become a governor and represent the views and opinions of the local community.

Make a difference

I myself decided I’d like to become a governor at UHS having taken part in the ‘patient-led assessments of the care environment’. I thought I’d seek election and try to make a difference by using this experience and other experiences gained during my working life – all of which come in handy as the governors get involved with a range of topics and issues related to the hospital.

For example, we’re currently involved with discussions (in partnership with the MP for Eastleigh) to restore over 200 parking spaces at Countess Mountbatten House which were lost during the re-development at the Moorgreen Hospital site to provide new housing.

We sit on a number of important committees at the hospital, allowing them to have their say regarding the care and welfare of patients – which, of course, is our prime objective. And we also have our own sub-groups, where we discuss subjects relevant to the wellbeing and development of the hospital.

A key link in the chain

All in all, us governors are the important link between members and the Trust Board, and, as a group, we ‘hold the Trust Board to account’ to make sure that hospital services meet the needs of the local community.

As well as representing the members’ views and opinions, we have the responsibility of appointing the non-executive directors and the chairman of the Trust. It’s also our responsibility to agree the appointment of the chief executive should there be a need (however, we sincerely hope that our present chief executive will be with us for several more years yet!).

Support your hospital

So, as you can see, we get involved with all kinds of goings-on at UHS and now you’ve got the opportunity to get involved too.

Governor elections will be taking place very soon, so why not come along to one of our informal election information evenings to find out more about the role of a governor and gain an insight into how the Trust, its directors and the governors work together to ensure that your hospital is the focal point for the best patient care available.

If you’re interested in becoming a governor, or you’d like more information about the governor elections or election information evenings, please email

We hope to see you at an information evening soon.

Bryan Bird, governor for New Forest, Eastleigh and Test Valley