Governor blog - May 2016

Your governors, explained 

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) has a team of 25 governors – the Council of Governors.

Thirteen of us are elected by you, the members, and we cover the four public constituencies:

  1. Southampton City
  2. New Forest, Eastleigh and Test Valley
  3. Isle of Wight
  4. Rest of England and Wales

There are also four staff governors to represent those who work at UHS and various appointed governors from a range of local organisations, including Southampton City Council.

Our job is to represent you

We are already members of UHS and have been elected as governors to represent the views and interests of the members and the local community. 

Working closely with the Trust Board, we gather the views of the members and give them a voice at the highest level. This helps to make sure that the Trust Board puts the patients first when they make decisions – from the day-to-day running of the hospital to plans for future development.

We get to comment on many of the plans for the hospital. For example, the new main entrance at Southampton General Hospital which was built following many complaints about the old entrance.

The Council of Governors also has the responsibility to select the chair of UHS, which we did recently when Peter Hollins took over from John Trewby.

Have your say

As you can see, we hold a very important position in the running of UHS but we can’t do this without the members – if we are to represent your views then we need to hear them.

Which is why over the coming days we’ll be sending out a short questionnaire, asking you about your views and experiences using the hospital.

The questionnaire (which shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes to complete) will help us to understand what matters most to you so we can represent your views and interests better – we hope you’ll take part.

You can also contact us directly about any topic regarding the hospital. Please do this by emailing

I hope this brief summary helps to explain the work of the governors and why working with the members is essential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Leon Spender, lead governor