Southampton City - five representatives


Diane Eldridge

One of my principal reasons for running as a governor was that I am really passionate about the National Health Service, especially our local hospitals in Southampton and Hampshire. Being a patient of Southampton General Hospital has given me first-hand experience of not only what services are on offer, but how restrictive the finances are in some departments. Being a governor will help me get a better understanding of protocols within UHS. I feel that the more we can engage the local community in becoming members of UHS, the better the patient experience will be. Representing local people so they receive a positive experience whilst in the care of Southampton is one of my aspirations.

I have a great deal of commitment and enthusiasm and will support and where necessary challenge decisions, ensuring that all patients are centric to decisions being made. Moreover I have a keen interest in health and teamwork is really important to me.

My work background is in management with 25 years at the same company. My position is operational support manager, supporting the south central region. I help manage each location by applying best practice, adhering to stringent operational constraints and key performance indicators. I am champion lead on engagement and therefore feel my skills would be transferable in the position of governor.

Declaration of interest: none

Sylvia Wyatt NEW

Sylvia Wyatt

I believe that ‘home is for health and hospitals are for repairs’ (Sir Nigel Crisp), and that social innovations will enable more people to look after themselves safely. As a governor, I would draw on my past experience of 7 years on NHS boards and knowledge of social innovations to help integrate and improve local health and care services. In particular, I want the Trust to help more older people and those with long term conditions to stay happy and healthy at home for as long as possible. Not only will this empower many people across Southampton, it will also reduce costs across the health and care system.

I have time to give and would be able to:

  • act as a ‘critical friend’ to help the Trust navigate the next few difficult years. I have worked for and with the NHS for over three decades - roles have included running a hospital and both executive and non-executive director roles
  • help the Trust integrate services with other sectors to become more effective, sustainable and innovative. I co-produced ‘My Seven Wishes’, a person-centred social innovation enabling communities to lead local care in Scotland
  • use my personal experience of helping my parents (with dementia and stroke) stay in their own home right to the end of their lives. This has enabled me to understand more clearly how much can be done by supporting people at home.

Declaration of interest: husband is Professor Jeremy Wyatt, director of Wessex Institute and professor of digital healthcare at the University of Southampton.

Robert Chambers resized

Robert Chambers

The NHS is one of our most important and high-profile public services and it's vital that these are delivered to the highest standard. I currently work in NHS commissioning and understand the current healthcare system. I am passionate about ensuring that residents receive the highest possible level of care. Our healthcare system in Southampton provides vital services to 1.9 million people and I would like to be given the opportunity to ensure that our local services continue to improve.

I would ensure that local views are represented and that patients are at the heart of decision making. I live and work in Southampton and have previously been a school governor as well as vice chair of a housing association. I believe that my previous experience of being a governor, as well as the skills that I possess, would mean that I could effectively represent the views of my constituents. I believe that I could bring a new perspective to being a governor – with an emphasis on patient care.

I am a qualified accountant, currently working in healthcare commissioning for Southampton. I believe that my analytical and communication skills could be used in this role, as well as my knowledge of how the NHS functions.

Declaration of interest: employed at Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group, wife is a consultant geriatrician at UHS.

Tony Havlin

Tony Havlin

I was a late entrant to both university (mature student) and public service. I recently retired after three differing careers: soldier, student and local government senior legal officer (17 years), with 51 years’ service in HM Forces, both public and private legal practice and statutory bodies.

I still take a keen interest in local community affairs and have in the past been a school governor, representative both on the local school governor’s forum and the new governor applicants vetting committee. Currently, I am the trustee/treasurer of a community-run recreation ground where we raise money to fund and provide free sporting events and coaching activities for local children and teenagers.

Despite my years, I am still well able to think outside the box to achieve a just outcome, and have a proactive approach to legislative changes. My skillset has given me both the insight and necessary legal and investigative skills to assimilate diverse information, analyse, form an opinion, and then prepare an initial report in many diverse legal areas - insolvency to personal injury, PLL to highways, IT to pensions, property, planning and enforcement issues, historic occupational disease claims and contracts. I have experience preparing meetings and agendas, taking minutes and giving both written and verbal advice to senior officers and county councillors.

Declaration of interest: none

Edward Chaney

Professor Edward Chaney

I believe that a good citizen is someone who participates in and seeks to improve public policy. There are few more important institutions than the NHS, which requires active, albeit not uncritical, support if it is to continue to provide quality healthcare for a growing (and ageing) population.

Ever since I began my scholarly career, I have been fascinated by the relative levels of concern demonstrated by different societies for the wellbeing of fellow citizens. My first important publication included a critique of Henry VIII’s closure of monastic hospitals. Though not its primary motivation, this was facilitated by the demotion of ‘good works’ as a means of achieving spiritual salvation. Such seemingly remote ideas still affect attitudes today. Local and national resistance to closures proved inadequate at the time but the kind of voluntary participation to which I aspire eventually led to the (re)foundation of Britain’s great urban hospitals, of which Southampton General is a very significant if relatively recent example.

I am a cultural historian who has published comparative studies of English and European hospitals in the context of their philanthropic foundations. I continue to apply my knowledge of the past to current thinking about the improvement of healthcare for all. As a Trust governor I believe I could bring a particularly useful perspective to issues that affect and would enhance health provision in Southampton.

Declaration of interest: none