Fiona Dalton, CEO

Chief executive's blog - 9 March 2015

In my personal blog, I will keep you up to date on what is happening at the Trust, sharing what I think we are doing well and what we can improve.

Fiona Dalton, chief executive

On Tuesday we held the annual Hospital Heroes event, and as usual it was a very inspiring and emotional evening. The nominees and winners of the awards came from a complete cross-section of the hospital – there were individuals and teams from every profession and every grade (including several volunteers) nominated for awards – and demonstrated what great work is going on throughout our trust in clinical care, research and education.

If you haven’t seen the list of winners, please do visit our Hospital Heroes 2014 page. You can also see excellent coverage of the evening on the Daily Echo's website. 

At the end of the evening, I talked about how proud people should be to be nominated, and in particular to win, one of the Hospital Heroes awards. We have many inspirational people working in the hospital, and their impact is felt not only by the patients that they directly care for, but also far more widely as they are seen as role models throughout the organisation. 

I also talked about the latest NHS National Staff Survey results we've just received. The information in this survey is really useful – thank you so much to everyone who completed it – and as ever it highlights areas where we need to do more work to support staff, and where we can do better.

But overall, almost every indicator is going in the right direction, and in particular I am so pleased that we now score in the top 20% of trusts in the country for staff engagement. Engagement is a two way thing – it needs everyone to be part of it, to speak up and to listen – and all 10,000 of us should be proud that we are part of developing a culture here where we listen to each other, talk honestly about our challenges, and always try to work together for patients.

All of the NHS National Staff Survey responses have also been analysed by a commercial organisation (Listening Into Action) which has produced a league table of the best places to work in the NHS. You can see their conclusions on the Listening into Action website.

I don’t know how they worked it out but I'm very happy with their conclusions. As you can see, University Hospital Southampton comes out as the fifth best acute trust to work at in the country, and the best teaching hospital overall.I was thinking about why this might be. It can’t be because we pay people more here (we don’t), or that jobs are easier (they’re not). And it certainly isn’t because it’s easy and convenient to park here ...

I am sure that the reason why UHS is a good place to work is you – the people who work here. If you work at UHS you get to work with amazingly talented and committed people, and to be part of a team that is always striving to do the best that we can for our patients.

Thank you to everyone at UHS for being part of this very special hospital.

Fiona Dalton


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