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Chief executive's blog - 24 April 2017

In my personal blog, I'll keep you up to date on what's happening at the Trust, sharing what I think we're doing well and what we can improve.

Fiona Dalton, chief executive

Just over a year ago we ran a listening exercise to check whether the Trust values (patients first, working together, always improving) still felt right.

The answer was a resounding 'yes!'. Overwhelmingly people felt that they recognised and signed up to these values. This was very reassuring as I have always felt that our values are what unites us – whether you work in the neonatal unit or elderly care, the pharmacy or the finance department – it’s these three values which define how we approach our work.

However there were also several requests from staff across the hospital for us to outline more clearly what living our values actually means on a day to day basis.

They asked how each of us can go home after a day’s work, knowing that we have truly acted in accordance with these values. How do we know more precisely what we should be aiming for, and equally what is not acceptable?

So in the last few months we have asked staff across the Trust - what do you think epitomises our values and what behaviours do you think we should all be aspiring to?

And this is what we think we heard:

Patients first

Patient centred – this is about each of us….

  • Always striving to provide the best patient outcome and experience that we can.
  • Displaying warmth, sensitivity and genuine kindness.
  • Being honest and candid in all our communication with patients and their carers.
  • Working with our patients, carers and the public as equal partners in creating care plans, new services and our organisation.
  • Always ensuring that the patient’s voice is clear and influential.

Tailoring care – this is about each of us….

  • Listening to the individual patient about what really matters to them and doing our best to deliver this.
  • Putting patients in charge and giving them genuine choices about their care and support.
  • Treating patients as a whole person rather than specific needs or symptoms.
  • Supporting our patients through the bits of their journey that come before and after we meet them.
  • Taking time out to speak to patients and gain genuine insights into their experience within the Trust.

 Working together

Team work – this is about each of us….

  • Working with colleagues to agree a shared view of what good looks like and what we need to achieve.
  • Joining things together across professional and organisational boundaries to make them easier, better and safer for patients and staff.
  • Taking a genuine interest in our colleagues and patients as people.
  • Sticking to our word and doing what we say we will do.
  • Finding creative ways to bring people together in order to build long-term relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Offering constructive feedback with good intent to colleagues to help them improve.

Valuing achievement – this is about each of us….

  • Valuing each other as the most precious resource in UHS.
  • Being there for each other during the low points as well as the high.
  • Supporting colleagues to develop their potential and enabling everyone to be part of shaping our services.
  • Listening to each other and responding to others’ needs.
  • Recognising and celebrating the achievements of others.
  • Appreciating our diversity and making the most of the differences between us.
  • Being proud to be part of UHS and of making a difference for patients.

Always improving

Value through innovation – this is about each of us….

  • Continuously seeking to make things better, safer and easier.
  • Encouraging each other to be creative and helping each other to get our ideas implemented.
  • Taking responsibility for spending money wisely and being careful with precious resources.
  • Working productively and spending our time on the things that matter.
  • Working with partner organisations to reduce costs and simplify our health and social care system.
  • Feeling safe to share mistakes with patients and each other, knowing that this is how we learn.
  • Giving and seeking regular feedback from patients and colleagues.

Achieving results – this is about each of us….

  • Taking responsibility for the part we play in delivering outstanding patient care.
  • Committing to continually improving and developing ourselves and each other.
  • Being alert and observant to what is going on around us and taking the initiative when action is required.
  • Having the confidence to speak up if something isn’t right.
  • Never ignoring problems - if we can’t fix them we find someone who can.
  • Being willing to deal with things that fall outside our immediate responsibilities.
  • Understanding the part we have to play in contributing to the success of UHS.

But we need your help! Do the above statements feel right? Could you own them and believe in them, and are they realistic? And fundamentally, do they represent a fair summary of what we all think it should be like to work at UHS?

We’re currently consulting on this draft framework and we would really welcome your feedback. You can do this by emailing Gail Byrne, director of nursing, or David Young, head of leadership development. Alternatively you can email

Thank you for your help in making UHS the best possible place to be a patient and to work.

Fiona Dalton


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I truly believe in these statements and sincerely think these are values which should be adopted by every institution and organization. Very comprehensive and encompassing!
Anas Shaikh (17/05/2017 18:13:21)