Getting it right - heart attack care

Anyone suffering a heart attack wants to know they will get the best possible care – and so do their families. One of the important audits at our Trust is a national audit on heart attacks (it’s known as MINAP – myocardial infarction national audit project). It helps us see how we are doing and can help reassure our patients about the care they will receive.

This autumn, the tenth national report for the heart attack audit was published.

Dr Simon Corbett, consultant cardiologist at UHS, reviewed the report and said ”Our performance is equal to or better than the national average, confirming that we provide a high quality acute coronary syndrome service for our patients that is as good or better than anywhere else in England.”

We give the right type of care and are able to provide treatment quickly – we carry out a procedure called angioplasty, this is a way of dealing with the heart attack and allows the blood supply to the heart to be put right again; and at Southampton 91% of our patients are having their procedure within 90 minutes of arriving at the hospital.

We also make sure that the right medicines are given to patients to help prevent further heart attacks. For example 99% of our patients had aspirin and a statin to take when they went home and 98% a medicine known as a beta blocker.

We will continue to strive to improve our services and work with GPs to ensure patients get the best possible care when they need it.

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