High quality care for the critically ill

Image courtesy of Life in ViewEveryone working in the Trust has a vital role in ensuring we provide high quality care but I’m sure we all think of the critical care unit as the place where our most ill patients are looked after.

We have several critical care areas providing support for adults and for children whose conditions are potentially life-threatening. Close monitoring and vital support are provided to keep their bodies functioning whilst they recover from their illness, trauma or major surgery.

And, as a Trust we want to know whether we are providing the best possible care to deliver good outcomes for our patients. One of the ways we do this is to submit data to a national audit. For our adults on our general unit it’s known as ICNARC which stands for Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre.

We receive regular reports back on how we are doing, comparing our outcomes with other critical care units as well as lots of information on our processes.

One aspect of the report is the survival rate of our patients, even with the best of care some critically ill patients unfortunately die.

The latest report, published in December 2011, for the period April to June 2011, showed that Southampton is continuing to perform well in this area. Based on the illness and injuries of the 360 patients we cared for, the ICNARC model predicted that we would expect to see 96 deaths but during this period we saw fifteen extra survivors than expected.

Our teams will continue to provide the best care and look at results over more than just three months to ensure we carry on making a difference for our patients and their families.