The best of therapies – the work of our physiotherapists and occupational therapists

Getting the best outcomes across each of our services relies on the specialist care provided by the whole team, doctors, nurses, therapists and many others. In this month’s blog I want to focus on the specific work of some of our therapy staff: occupational therapists and physiotherapists. They work across the Trust, helping people make the most of their movement ability and maintain their independence. 

For example, the orthopaedic therapy team set about improving the quality of care and information given to patients who are at risk of falling, with the aim of preventing future falls. Further work is underway to spread this good practice and provide written information and advice about home hazards, to help people keep safe after discharge from hospital.

As with all our services, our therapy teams monitor the quality of their care. The team providing therapy for patients with pneumonia recently reviewed their results – looking at the number of patients who were helped with their breathing and who showed improvements in the oxygen levels in their blood (saturations). As the team had been working on early mobilisation, patients sitting out of bed sooner than had been the case, and helping them to clear their chests, we saw 81% of patients with uncomplicated pneumonia having improved oxygen levels. Those with complicated pneumonia also did well – 78% seeing better oxygen levels in their blood.

The Trust knows the importance of rehabilitation and the Southampton team are proud of the services they provide – and are committed to audits and research that will help them continue to achieve the best results for our patients.

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