An extra £200,000 for end of life care after Southampton chosen as pilot site

Vital information about end of life care will be collected at UHS as part of a national move to introduce fairer funding for palliative care.

Southampton’s university hospitals have been chosen to take part in the project, which will see £1.8m shared between eight pilot sites.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said the current system of end of life care did not work well enough, with some patients receiving excellent care while others missed out.

NHS funding for palliative care services was often poorly distributed, with the voluntary sector having to bear an unfair share of the costs.

Now the pilot sites, including Southampton, will gather essential information needed to develop a new funding system – with the ultimate aim being for a per-patient option.

Carol Davis, lead consultant for palliative medicine at UHS, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be selected as one of the pilot sites, working jointly with NHS Southampton City and other partners including the Countess Mountbatten House Charity. This will allow us to build on our previous work, looking at improving end of life care.”

The pilot sites will collect data over two years up to 2014 with the new funding system being introduced from 2015.

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