Chief executive honoured for commitment to research

UHS chief executive Mark Hackett has received a university fellowship in recognition of the Trust’s commitment to clinical research.

He joined more than 4,000 students and leading figures from the fields of business, engineering, literature and science to collect the honour at the University of Southampton’s annual graduation ceremony.

“I am really proud to receive this fellowship,” he said. “It reflects the great importance all of us at the hospital place on our relationship with the university to drive forward research and develop patient care.”

The Trust’s partnership with the University of Southampton saw 15,913 patients recruited to clinical trials – where research is taken out of the laboratory and into hospital – during 2011/12, making it the one of the top two centres in England.

Mr Hackett added: “These tremendous figures are an example of how passionate we are about ensuring our patients receive access to the latest research studies and demonstrate the calibre of academic clinicians we have who are determined to remain at the forefront of international medicine.”


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Mark Hackett fellowship