Pair receive awards recognising excellence and innovation

Two members of staff have received prestigious awards in recognition of their hard work to make a difference.

Divisional director Caroline Marshall and HR manager Margaret Fahey were honoured at the 2012 Allocate Awards, launched this year to recognise excellence and innovation across more than 300 organisations.

The awards reward those who have made a difference, whether to patients, colleagues, their entire organisation or the wider health service.

Caroline won the award for leadership through challenging times in recognition of improvements she has made to the critical care department.

Her efforts included the introduction of electronic job planning for every consultant, immediately improving productivity by matching job plans to service need and resulting in over £100,000 in efficiency savings.

Meanwhile e-job plan project manager Margaret received the runner-up trophy for outstanding contribution by an individual.

Margaret worked tirelessly to implement many new processes for driving the continued improvement of consultant job planning within the trust, improving communication and staff engagement.

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Page comments

These sorts of efficiencies should have been dealt with years ago.Why should it have been left to these managers to do - listen to your frontline staff - I bet they could have done this years ago.
Susan Greenland (21/08/2012 10:18:33)

Caroline Marshall receiving an Allocate award

Margaret Fahey receiving an Allocate award