Doctors and pharmacists honoured for achievements in fighting infection

Doctors and pharmacists at UHS have been honoured for their achievements in fighting infection and effective use of antibiotics at an innovative awards ceremony.

The antibiotic prescribing X Factor, brainchild of Dr Kieran Hand, a consultant pharmacist for anti-infectives, recognises staff who show careful use of antibiotics by selecting the right medicine, frequently reviewing patients’ progress and stopping the medicine once infection has resolved.

Winners included nine doctors nominated by their ward pharmacist colleagues for excellent practice and three pharmacists commended for ensuring patients receive appropriate antibiotic treatment.

“Promoting appropriate antibiotic use is key to the Trust's infection prevention and control efforts and we hope that, by highlighting good practice, high-quality prescribing will remain a priority,” said Dr Hand.

“Using antibiotics appropriately is vital to avoid selection of resistant bacteria and hospital-acquired infections such as Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea, and our winners all showed consistently judicious use of antibiotics, along with diligent follow-up and review of patients with infection.”

For more information on the awards, including the list of winners, read the clinical effectiveness and outcomes blog entry Beating the bugs – using antibiotics wisely.

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Antibiotic X Factor