Hospital launches video link trial with the Falkland Islands

Doctors and nurses at Southampton’s teaching hospitals are helping to treat seriously ill or injured patients, deliver babies and repair hearts 8,000 miles away on the Falkland Islands.

Experts in emergency medicine, critical care and obstetrics are trialling a new hi-tech TV system which allows them to see patients, scans and x-rays – as well as their colleagues – in high definition from overseas.

In the first major expansion of services via telemedicine from the city, clinicians in hospitals on the Falklands, Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight have access to specialists at Southampton General and the Princess Anne hospitals at any time of the day or night.

Additionally, the system, which is also being installed in cardiac care and radiology, along with outpatient departments including dermatology, allows staff to carry out training sessions and analyse complex cases.

“Telemedicine is a brilliant but under-used technology and I am delighted we are further developing our links with the Falkland Islands, Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight to give our fellow professionals and patients access to staff for opinion, support and guidance,” said Dr Michael Marsh, medical director at UHS and lead for telemedicine.

“We already see and treat hundreds of patients from across the Falklands, Jersey and Guernsey here at our hospitals, but now we can also extend that relationship to aid decisions being made by our counterparts at their own hospitals at the click of a button via a TV screen.”

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Telemedicine trial