New infusion unit to provide rapid access for patients

Patients with arthritis, lupus and other inflammatory diseases are set to receive rapid access to treatment at UHS following the opening of a new infusion unit.

Based in the rheumatology department at Southampton General Hospital, the unit will benefit a number of individuals who require regular infusion therapy, where treatment is administered by a drip directly into the body.

Typically, this type of treatment would require a stay in hospital, however, the new unit will allow patients to receive the treatment they need and return home the same day.

Gina Winter-Bates, matron in specialist medicine, said: “We currently have between 300 and 400 patients every month who require infusion treatment so this new unit will go a long way to provide rapid access for them.

“It will serve mainly groups of patients who have chronic inflammatory conditions, although new patients who could also benefit from day case treatment are frequently being identified.”

The move follows the re-location of rheumatology services to Southampton General Hospital’s Victoria House building last year.

Ms Winter-Bates added: “This will present a great opportunity for collaborative working between the infusion unit nurses and rheumatology specialists, and will also be a familiar and comfortable environment for existing rheumatology patients."

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Brilliant staff. Thanks to all involved. Nothing too much trouble.
Sue Reddin (12/04/2018 12:24:44)