Trust powers ahead in drive to reduce carbon footprint

Energy experts at UHS are powering ahead in the drive to reduce carbon emissions – by producing homemade electricity in a new energy unit.

A new two megawatt combined heat and power (CHP) generator installed at Southampton General Hospital will see the Trust reduce its carbon emissions by 4,000 tonnes and save £400,000 a year.

The NHS is responsible for 3% of all CO2 emissions in England, with UHS emissions accounting for 58,500 tonnes annually, and has pledged to reduce its emissions by 80% by 2050.

In addition to generating power on site and using waste heat to supplement heat from existing boilers, the energy unit will allow the Trust to sell excess electricity generated by the CHP back to the supply company.

Peter Oliver, energy manager at UHS, said: “This initiative will greatly assist us in meeting our NHS and Climate Change Act carbon reduction targets and by reducing our energy costs more money will be available for patient care.”

Meanwhile, patients with heart problems are also driving down the Trust’s carbon emissions – by not driving.

Every patient fitted with an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) at Southampton General is checked remotely – allowing staff to assess the condition of 40 patients in the time it would take to see nine in person. 

By monitoring these 1,000 patients – the second highest number of remotely checked heart patients in Europe – from their own homes, the team has reduced patient travelling emissions by car, flight and ferry by 22.65 tonnes.

Becky Gough, cardiac technician, said: “Not only are we seeing more patients more quickly and intervening earlier to prevent problems developing, we are reducing the stress of travelling and driving down carbon emissions."

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let the national papers know of your efforts.We have enough of bad press relating to the N.H.S.A bit of good will work wonders
Terry (21/01/2013 22:20:22)

Carbon footprint