Gearing up for hospital elections

UHS will soon be inviting nominations for available seats on the Trust’s Members’ Council.

The Members’ Council is made up of 23 representatives including 13 publically elected members, four members elected by staff and six co-opted from key partnership agencies. It works closely with the Trust’s board of directors to influence decision-making and strategic planning.

Eight seats are up for re-election – six from Southampton City and Isle of Wight constituency and two staff seats that represent nursing and midwifery and non-clinical staff.

Chair John Trewby said: “Members are essential to the way in which we operate as a Foundation Trust. The Members’ Council ensures the views of the people who use our hospitals, live in the area or work for the Trust are taken into account so services are continually improving.

“We are really excited about holding elections at the Trust for the second time and hope for a variety of nominations and a good voting turnout. If you are a member of the Trust, please make sure you get involved.”

All members within these constituencies are eligible to stand. If you are interested in nominating yourself, there is still time to sign up as a member of the Trust online.

* From 1 April 2013, the Members’ Council will be known as the Council of Governors.

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Members' Council induction