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Patients at Southampton’s university hospitals are to be asked a simple question before being discharged.

From April, all hospital inpatients and people who attend the emergency department will be quizzed about whether or not they would recommend UHS to their family and friends, should they need similar treatment.

The move is part of the Department of Health’s Friends and Family Test scheme, which will gather feedback about hospital services across the country.

Members of the public will be able to access the results via the NHS Choices website.

As well as providing a way for people to compare NHS hospitals, it is hoped the new system will quickly identify any areas in need of improvement.

At UHS, around 120,000 people a year receive inpatient care.

Julia Barton, associate director of nursing and patient experience, said: “We really want our patients to have a positive experience and the Friends and Family Test will enable people to tell us how we are doing.

“As well as rating the care or treatment they have received, patients will be able to nominate a member of staff they feel went above and beyond the call of duty, so we can thank that individual personally.”

The Friends and Family Test does not replace existing feedback methods at UHS, with patients and visitors still able to pass on their compliments and complaints in the normal way.

Patients and visitors are also encouraged to continue to participate in the full patient survey, which can now be completed online and via patients’ bedside media units.

For more information about the Friends and Family Test, visit the NHS Choices website.

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My stay on Neuro D ward,I could not wish for a better team of Doctor's & Nurses
Many thanks.
Allan (29/07/2018 11:13:07)
I think the hospital staff are wonderful
Ronald Blizard (20/04/2017 11:31:54)