Local students help brighten up Southampton hospitals

Creative industry students are set to showcase their artistic skills in Southampton hospitals as part of a new collaborative project supported by UHS.

The project, ‘Collaborart’, has been organised by Southampton Solent University in partnership with the Trust and will involve school of art and design students undertaking part of their coursework within the hospital to help enhance the environment and enrich patient experience. 

Anita Esser, head of wider healthcare teams education at UHS, said: “There is an increasing focus on hospital environment and how it impacts patient experience, so we are very positive about this project and we will continue to work with departments to identify exciting new ideas the students can work on.

“We are also thrilled to have developed such a strong partnership with the university and we are very pleased to be able to offer real-life work experience for prospective creative industry professionals.”

The project was launched in May when some of the students presented their artwork at an event attended by senior managers from UHS as well as many senior Southampton Solent lecturers.

Many of the artworks are now on display in both Southampton General and Princess Anne hospitals and, as well as donating their artwork, the interior design students have raised over £300 for Southampton Hospital Charity by auctioning off some of their creations.

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