Trust achieves highest national safety rating

UHS is the first trust in the region to achieve the highest national ranking for safety and management of clinical risks.

The NHS Litigation Authority, which handles negligence claims and works to improve risk management in the NHS, rated the Trust’s performance against standards including governance, safety and clinical care at level three, with a score of 49 out of 50.

The assessment score – the highest for acute hospitals – has only been met by 27 of 168 trusts in the country and means the Trust will pay a lower annual NHSLA insurance premium to cover legal costs, saving £600,000.

Judy Gillow, director of nursing, said: “This is an excellent achievement and demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our staff to ensure we provide the highest levels of safety for patients, visitors and colleagues.” 

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Page comments

I am absolutely thrilled that UHS has achieved the highest band rating for safety and management of clinical risks. Congratulations to all the staff who have been tireless in their efforts to review safety policies, and who care diligently for patients.
Aelwen Emmett, Governor, Elected-Rest of England (24/10/2013 13:55:56)
This is most surprising...most surprising indeed.
Anonymous (29/12/2011 12:40:53)
This news is excellent. It would be useful to include the date of the award and when the next rating is due.
Anonymous (28/12/2011 13:38:43)
Having a claims business as you walk into the main entrance of the General Hospital does not instil you with confidence!
Marina Murphy (21/12/2011 18:29:48)

Front entrance of Southampton General Hospital