UHS joins national clinical trials network for blood cancer

Blood cancer patients at UHS now have wider and more rapid access to potentially life-saving new drugs following the launch of a new clinical trials network.

UHS is one of 13 centres in the national network developed by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity to ensure patients with very rare blood cancers can be treated in hospitals closer to home rather than travelling to participate in clinical trials of new drugs suited to their condition.

The project

The Trust will take on a dedicated research nurse to help recruit and treat patients who are not responding to current treatments and manage paperwork on behalf of clinical teams to speed up the process.

Dr Andrew Davies, a consultant medical oncologist and clinical trials coordinator, said: “Being part of this clinical trials network will increase the access of blood cancer patients in Southampton to new drugs that offer hope to those who do not respond to current treatments.

“With so many different blood cancers, it has often been seen as uneconomical to develop drugs for many types and when new drugs are available, clinical trials are not set up because of the difficulties of recruiting enough patients at a single hospital to make them workable – this changes all of that.”

He added: “We are already doing a lot of ground breaking clinical research in these diseases in Southampton. This trials network means that we will be able to assess more rapidly the effectiveness of these new therapies.”

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