Trust to become centre of excellence for treatment of infectious diseases

UHS is set to become a regional centre of excellence for the treatment of infectious diseases following the launch of a dedicated department of infection.

The development, which is a joint initiative between the Trust and the University of Southampton, will see the introduction of the region’s first specialist infectious diseases clinic treating patients with complex long term infections, recurrent infections and travellers with unexplained fever.

Additionally, extra capacity within the department will be supported through the recruitment of two additional consultants in infection and a professor of infectious diseases.

“The creation of the department of infection will ensure patients suffering from complex infections get the specialist expertise and most effective treatment they need as quickly as possible,” said consultant microbiologist Dr Adriana Basarab.

“For patients in hospital this means a much more tailored service with a reduction in the length of time they will spend on the wards, while the additional resources available to us will allow us to carefully manage patients who regularly see us in clinic and prevent unnecessary admissions.”

Overall, specialist input is anticipated to cut the time patients with infections spend on the wards by up to 1,200 bed-days per year.

The department will also become the only centre in the region capable of providing all aspects of infection-related medical training for doctors and is working with the Health Protection Agency to invest in a new molecular diagnostic and epidemiology unit.

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Page comments

I am amazed that the hospital can become a centre of excellence for treatment of infectious disease when the plan is to send the microbiology lab to QA in the near future
Anonymous (29/02/2012 09:55:19)
The article was intended to outline new developments in the clinical infection service. The decision on regional laboratory centralisation has not been made yet. If approved, no change to the current high standard of laboratory diagnostics, to support the clinical infection service, will occur.
Adriana Basarab (28/02/2012 13:41:49)
Hmmm... well why is the Health Protection Agency Microbiology department being made to move off of site to Portsmouth!!! Surely if this is to become a centre of excellence then you would have imagined it would make complete sense to keep the supporting testing laboratory on site would you not??!!!
Anonymous (28/02/2012 11:58:06)

DrAdriana Basarab with patient