Clinical effectiveness and outcomes strategy

The Trust’s vision of delivering world-class clinical services requires a determined and persistent focus on the effectiveness of the care we provide for patients and the outcomes our services achieve. The Clinical Effectiveness and Outcomes Strategy sets out the Trust’s commitment to deliver those aims.

Our Vision for 2015 is to provide the outcomes that equal or exceed the best in the NHS, across all the services we provide. We will do this by doing the right things in the right way, innovating and ensuring our teams base their practice on the best available evidence. The effectiveness agenda also contributes to better use of resources – seeking to achieve ‘more for less’ by getting evidence into practice and ensuring audit drives improvement.

Achieving the best outcomes requires us to provide care that is safe and care that is effective and we want to do this in a way that provides the best possible patient experience. This strategy focuses on the effectiveness component but we know the importance of the safety and patient experience strategies and that these are interdependent. We also know that we must recruit and retain the best staff, ensure their development needs are met and that we develop leaders at all levels to help ensure the Trust has all the characteristics that help achieve excellent outcomes.

To deliver this strategy we know it is vital to involve our patients, our commissioners and the public in our audit programme and across all aspects of our clinical effectiveness work. We will be looking at how best to do this over the next few months.