Equality and diversity: Our workforce

We believe it is vitally important to employ a fully diverse workforce which is representative of the local population and its multi-cultural communities, in order to ensure we understand the needs and requirements of our patients and customers and have the best people in place to deliver the best quality care possible.

We monitor our workforce on an annual basis in relation to seven of the nine protected characteristics covered in the Equality Act 2010. These are:

  • age
  • gender
  • religion and belief
  • race and ethnicity
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • maternity

We currently have good statistics in relation to age, gender and race and ethnicity but have limited data regarding our employee’s disability status, religion or sexual orientation and have no data regarding gender re-assignment or marriage and civil partnership as our current staff information system does not ask for this information. This information is voluntary and the vast majority of employees choose not to share this information with us.

During 2012 we plan to undertake a piece of work to look at how we can improve the reporting of information around the nine protected characteristics so that we can ensure we are meeting any specific needs they may have and to ensure there are no discriminatory practices occurring.

The Trust currently has a Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) Staff Network Group which meet monthly. This group provides friendship and peer support for all staff belonging to a black or ethnic minority group.