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Find out about our people, their research and their role in the Academy. 

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Prof Alison Richardson, academy director

Alongside conducting her own research into the needs of people affected by cancer and other life limiting illnesses, Alison directs Southampton Academy of Research to support researchers in their careers.

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Emma Munro, training lead for nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals

Emma has responsibility for the management and leadership all of the research nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals and clinical trials assistants at the hospital.

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Dr Kristin Veighey, training lead for medical clinical research fellows

Dr Veighey aims to identify and promote research training opportunities for current and future research fellows at UoS and UHS. 

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Professor Donna Davies, training lead for research scientists

Donna is the training lead for research scientists, and specialises in research into refined characterisation and diagnosis of respiratory conditions.

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Kay Mitchell, training lead for nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals

Critical care nurse researcher with an interest in, and experience of, promoting clinical academic careers for healthcare professionals.

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Dr Mark Johnson, training lead for NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre

Dr Johnson leads the education and training of researchers specialising in nutrition. A consultant neonatologist, he is interested in improving the health and growth of premature or unwell babies.

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Prof Jane Lucas, training lead for NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre

A respiratory pediatrician and researcher, Jane leads training for respiratory research. Her focus is improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with a rare lung disease, primary ciliary dyskinesia.

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Prof Eugene Healy, training lead for medical clinical academics

Prof Healy, director of clinical academic training, oversees the training of medical doctors who wish to become clinical experts, conducting high quality research for the benefit of patients and the public.

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Dr Bonnie Ng, researcher's champion

Bonnie aims to engage with and be the voice of trainees and early career researchers to ensure that the academy’s plans are purposeful and suitable. She will also be involved in promoting training and career development opportunities across professions and specialties. 

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Viki Walton, training lead for research managers

Viki is the training lead and an active part of the Research and Development team at UHS. She is responsible for developing non-clinical educational opportunities in the research management department with a focus on the set up and ethics side of clinical research. 

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