Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship

Call for Expressions of interest for Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship

  • Are you passionate about research?
  • Are you interested in enrolling for a PhD at the University of Southampton?
  • Do you have an ambition to become a clinical academic?
  • Are you a nurse, midwife, or allied health professional?

The Trust is pleased announce funding for up to 2 individuals to take up a clinical doctoral research fellowship, available to individuals on AfC bands 5-7.  This fellowship, which takes 4.5 years to complete, is taken up alongside your current clinical post. 

With the agreement of your manager, you dedicate 0.6WTE to the PhD and 0.4 WTE to your clinical duties. For the duration of your fellowship your NHS contract would be reduced to 0.4 WTE, and in addition to your salary you would receive a stipend paid by the University. Doctoral Fellows enrol on the Health Sciences MPhil/PhD programme at the University of Southampton.

The scheme aims to:

  • Build research capacity and capability within the local healthcare locality and/or a healthcare issue;
  • Advance practice through research;
  • Enhance patient care through transformation of care and role development;
  • Develop the distinctive contribution to the non-medical research agenda. 

For further information on the scheme and how it is funded, please download documents in Downloads section on the right.

Those interested in applying should contact Professor Alison Richardson at email:  Telephone:02381 208494 to discuss their interest.

Making an application

To make an application please send a letter expressing your interest, a short CV, and complete the Trust Fellowship application form.  Your letter expressing interest in the fellowship should indicate up to 2 broad areas you would be interested in pursuing as a topic for your PhD.  These should clearly align with the strengths of the research themes of Health Sciences at University of Southampton (see this link for description of research groups) and have clinical utility for your care group.

Following your Expression of Interest,  topics of interest will be distributed to potential supervisors. A broad outline of a project that might be pursued by the Fellow(s) will be developed by prospective supervisors in the School of Health Sciences.  These will be made available to prospective fellows prior to interview.

 Your manager must sign the application form to indicate they would support a reduction in your contracted hours to 0.4WTE for the duration of the Fellowship.

Please return these to Audrey Dooks, Southampton Academy of Research Administrator at no later than 5.00pm on Tuesday 26th February.


The date of interview will be on Monday 25th March 2019 at Southampton General Hospital.