Administration team

The administration team provides vital support to the staff, investigators and volunteers who use the facility and associated research units.

They work with the nursing, laboratory and research support teams to help maintain the highest levels of participant safety and dignity through implementation of regulatory frameworks and statutory training.

Bethan Bennett-Lloyd, operations manager

Bethan manages the day-to-day operations of the facility, including purchasing, capital development, estates liaison and personnel matters, and oversees the administration team.  

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Teresa Rivers, assistant operations manager (administration)

Teresa manages the facility administration team, ensuring that support is available for volunteers, staff and researchers. This covers everything from raising medical notes and ordering supplies to managing staff records and the dedicated patient catering service. Teresa also supports the education lead in managing the training and development of our staff.

Claire Richards, assistant operations manager (facilities)

Claire’s focus is maintenance and equipment, ensuring that all regulatory safety requirements are met. She works closely with Trust estates and clinical engineering departments. Claire is also health and safety coordinator for the clinical research facility.

The highest standards of professional service

The team presents a welcoming face to all our visitors, providing advice and assistance in a professional manner. They strive to ensure that comprehensive support is available at all times to staff, volunteers and investigators, enabling research to be conducted efficiently, safely and in a timely fashion.

The team orders and creates hospital notes at the request of our research nurses, using established Trust processes for ensuring trackability and patient safety. They also register research volunteers on the national research trial database to prevent participation in more than one study at a time, which could adversely affect their health or medical care.

Responding to study needs and managing resources

The operations and administration teams respond to the demands of studies by, for example, refurbishing or reconfiguring rooms or purchasing new equipment or improving the range and specification of resources available to investigators.

The team help ensure that volunteers are seen in the appropriate environment and that research staff have access to meetings facilities through careful management of room bookings and closures.

They provide support for external study monitors, taking account of the complex, sensitive and often time-limited needs of studies, and the need for data confidentiality.

High quality administrative support is given to research-focussed senior management committees throughout the Trust and University. Assistance is also given in coordinating major grant applications.

Coordination and support

The team manage the reception desk, answer general enquiries, act as a coordination point and administer the hospitality service provided for our patients and volunteers. The team is responsible for room bookings, raising medical notes and for providing secretarial support for meetings at all levels, as well as administering personnel processes for our staff.