Research coordination team

The research coordination team consists of clinical trial coordinators and assistants. We help investigators and research teams with the set up and management of adult and paediatric research studies within the facility.

We streamline the clinical research process by coordinating the submission of studies including ethical, local and regulatory approvals. By liaising with the multidisciplinary research team, we enable the smooth running of a research study and ensure that the studies are run according to the correct guidelines.

Dr Filipa Martins

Dr Filipa Martins, clinical research project manager

Filipa is responsible for the research coordination team management, ensuring that trials are prepared, set-up, conducted and closed effectively, as per required standards.

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Efficient study delivery

We are based inside the facility, enabling support for investigators and clinical research staff on a day to day basis, during the set-up and running of the studies.

We also work closely with laboratory support, admin support and others within the facility to ensure studies are implemented efficiently.

Within the hospital, we liaise with the research and development department and pharmacy among others to act as a communication link for the study team. 

We are responsible for keeping these teams updated with new information and changes to a study. 

Building relationships with commercial and non-commercial sponsors is a key aspect of what we do. Whether it be providing help with study design and set-up, or assisting with local approval and implementation.

Clinical trial coordination and volunteer recruitment

Danny Pratt ( provides trial coordination, incuding study set-up and maintaining study file once the study has started, also supporting recruitment to specific trials and the development of our community of research volunteers. Danny also supports newer members of staff with their training.

Shauna Wakefield ( provides facility study registration support and study coordination for early phase Southampton clinical trials. A central contact for Southampton-based investigators, she works to ensure the smooth running of these trials. Shauna also facilitates study approvals and amendments. 

The team maintains the facebook, twitter and blog pages.

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