Johnson, Professor Peter

Peter JohnsonCBE MD FRCP FMedSci 


Medical oncology



Training and education

  • Cambridge University and St Thomas' medical school
  • ICRF clinical research fellow and registrar in medical oncology, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
  • ICRF senior lecturer in medical oncology, St James' University Hospital, Leeds


Prof Johnson has worked for the Trust since August 1998.

He gained accreditation in medical oncology in 1994, and has extensive experience in the management of malignant lymphoma, including high dose therapy and stem cell transplantation.

Key achievements

  • Chief clinician at Cancer Research UK
  • Chair of NCRI lymphoma clinical studies group
  • Chief investigator in multiple clinical trials in lymphoma and immunotherapy
  • Director of CRUK Centre in Southampton
  • Member of editorial board for NICE Guidelines on improving outcomes in haematologic cancers

Awards and prizes

  • Prof Johnson won the Sir Lionel Whitby Medal and Ralph Noble Prize for MD.
  • Prof Johnson was appointed CBE in the Queen's birthday honours in 2016.


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