Fire warden training

Course description

The course will train fire wardens in their duties as a fire warden and in how to deliver fire training to staff including

  • what to do in case of a fire alarm and actions to take
  • what an evacuation means to them
  • what to do in the event of a false alarm
  • fire action plans, alarms and fire extinguishers on site.
Aims and outcomes
  • To train fire wardens and increase the compliance of fire statutory and mandatory training within UHS.
  • To ensure staff understand and are assured of the processes UHS has in place to deal with an actual fire and a false alarm. 
  • Ensure staff have a chance to ask any questions.
Target audience

Fire wardens

Course type
Course length
Four hours
Course facilitator(s)
Course administrator(s)
No charge to UHS staff
Course date
Course time
Course location