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Clinical Academy conference

Course description

Annual clinical academy conference to include:

  • opening address by Mark Hackett, CEO
  • service development presentations from current associates of the academy
  • a new or innovative approach to leadership development by a subject expert
  • keynote speaker David Clutterbuck.
Aims and outcomes
  • Describe how associates in the academy have implemented service improvement projects in their areas of work
  • Review examples of best practice, for different aspects of leadership, from external subject experts
  • Demonstrate how new approaches and changes may benefit UHS leaders.
Target audience

All those with a definitive leadership position within the Trust (clinical or non-clinical) – band 6 or above.

Course type
Course length
Five hours
Course facilitator(s)
David Young 
Course administrator(s)

Stephen Mitchell 


Course date
Course time
Course location
6 March 2013
9am to 1pm
Heartbeat conference suite, F level, North Wing