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In Your First Month:Doctors Induction

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Local Induction:green induction

Green icon - In Your First Month:Doctors InductionYou will receive a local induction from your care group, where more specific issues relating to the care group are explained. If you do not have a local induction delivered or arranged within 48 hours of starting work, you must contact the education centre (on ext 3523 or 6579) who will put you in touch with an appropriate member of staff who facilitates this within your department.

The final part of your induction is your first appraisal. You will be allocated an educational supervisor on your first day and you must arrange an appraisal within two weeks of appointment. At this appraisal you should discuss the competency checklist and Learning Log, which you should have filled in on your induction day. Together with your educational supervisor, you should discuss your training needs and form a Personal Development Plan / Training Agreement. Please send a signed copy to the Education Centre (Mailpoint 10, SAB, SGH); study leave applications cannot be considered if a Training Agreement has not been returned. Please can we remind you that it is your responsibility to have yearly appraisals and sign-off in order to be eligible for GMC revalidation ( ).

When you begin working at UHS you may require further information on general HR policies such as the maternity or grievance procedure. To access these polices or procedures, please visit Trust documents on staffnet (only accessible internally).





Aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT) is the chosen standard for aseptic practice within UHS.  

All clinical staff, nursing and medical are required to undertake training in ANTT.  

This consists of theory training  and a practical assessment in one of the core clinical procedures by a nominated ANTT trainer or assessor within the division or care group.

It is essential that you complete the training below:

  • Practical hand hygiene (sessions are run as part of the education rolling half days)
  • Practical moving and handling training (please contact your care group's moving and handling coordinator for further details)

This must be completed within three months of starting employment.

This content is relevant to all doctors

As required

Bridget Cook 023 8077 7222 ext. 3523 or
Rose Debell 023 8079 6579

Voluntary reading

UHS documents - policies and procedures (staff internal link only)

Voluntary reading

As required


Post-induction questionnaire

This content is relevant to all doctors

10 minutes

Rose Debell 
023 8079 6579