Clinical attachments

Honorary clinical attachments are designed to provide a sample of the NHS experience for international doctors. Also known as observer contracts, these opportunities allow overseas professionals to gain an understanding of clinical practice in the UK. The visitor will be supervised at all times and will not have direct patient contact or take on any sole responsibility.

In accordance with Home Office recommendations, attachments are limited to a maximum of six weeks. 

Under no circumstances will the doctor undertake on call duties to cover for sickness, or be granted a request for an honorary ST1/2 contract.


Applications can only be made using the two forms in the downloads window and returning them by email to Please type your form and return as a complete PDF or Word document.  Handwritten scanned  forms and multiple separate pages will not be accepted.

All applicants must state the area of specialty they would prefer, although we can make no guarantee of a placement in any chosen specialty.

All applicants must provide full contact details for two referees (email and address).

If accepted the applicant will be notified with a start date and a named educational supervisor. 


The granting of an attachment will be dependent on the following: 

  • Successful completion of a criminal record disclosure form or similar endorsement, plus other documents relating to proof of identity as requested by human resources.
  • If you are not a native English speaker, you will need a minimum of IELTS certificate level 7.5 or an equivalent level of English that you can demonstrate.
  • Occupational health clearance
  • Successful applicants will have to undertake an online induction prior to their start date. They will be required to attend the Trust's induction day as their first day of the attachment - usually the first Wednesday of each month. Further details will be sent once an offer has been made.
  • Satisfactory references
  • An ID badge must be worn at all times. This will be provided at induction.


The total fee is £760, payable upon agreement of a placement and at least eight weeks in advance of the requested start date, before our human resources department commence their pre-contract checks. The fee is non-refundable.  There are two methods of payment: by telephone using a debit or credit card, or by cheque. You will be sent instructions once your placement is agreed.


The hospital has no accommodation for visiting doctors and we are not able to offer help with this. Candidates are responsible for finding and arranging their own accommodation.


All attachments will start on the first Wednesday of a month.

Please apply at least 12 weeks before you wish to start. This is to enable the necessary checks to be made. We are not able to take any applications to start in August.

You are advised not to make travel arrangements until your attachment has been confirmed.