Patient Consent

Photography of a patient is usually requested by a consultant or, in some circumstances, one of the other doctors who works closely with him or her. These pictures will then be sent to the consultant and filed in the patient records as a way of monitoring their treatment and progress.

The photographer will ask the patient to sign a patient consent form (for themselves as the patient, or on behalf of a child as their parent or guardian).

The consultant/doctor should have discussed consent with the patient prior to having their photograph taken. There are 3 areas where consent is required in relation to photographs:

  • Patient records
  • Teaching
  • Publication

In most cases the photographs are for patient records but on some occasions if the patient has an interesting medical condition they may be asked if the photos can be used for teaching purposes or publication in medical journals.

The patient can withdraw their consent at any time if they are not happy with this request and it will not affect their medical care in any way.

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