E-learning support and solutions

E-learning includes a range of technologies ranging from emails and CDs to PDAs and whiteboards, as well as interactive courses and programmes. Support, whether face-to-face or electronic, can often be blended with classroom methods.

E-learning can also:

  • offer learners and tutors other services, including access to resources, information and advice,
  • reduce the time spent on administration, and
  • help with the planning, recording and tracking of learning and development.

The importance of e-learning in the NHS

E-learning is particularly important in health and social care, where staff may work at any time of day or night, often in settings remote from formal classrooms.

E-learning can:

  • engage people with little or no previous experience of learning
  • help staff build e-portfolios of their learning and development
  • help staff develop skills that will prepare them for working with technology in new ways, such as Connecting for Health and telemedicine
  • make it easier to share knowledge and good practice with others.

E-learning developed for UHS

We have a range of e-learning programmes including clinical governance, data protection, death certification, inductions, infection control, equality and diversity, thromboprophylaxis and conflict resolution.

See Booking courses and training for a full list of courses and learning programmes offered by UHS, both in the classroom and as e-learning.

Your e-learning project    

If you have a project that requires an e-learning or online element, the learning support department can help you with the preparation of e-learning content, such as interactive packages, videos, virtual tours, and online assessments.

Please contact us to discuss your project needs. 

Essential IT Skills (EITS) training

UHS is an approved NHS BCS testing centre for Essential IT Skills and the tests will be carried out via an on-line testing system. The Essential IT Skills (EITS) training has been designed to provide staff with the basic skills and knowledge needed to use a computer. The Essential IT Skills Programme will give staff the confidence to use a PC, ensuring that they have the key competencies to complete their training for new systems. The programme has been developed and funded by NHS Connecting for Health, and all qualifications are accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS).