Clinical Skills Revision and Training Media

Welcome to an exciting new project that will provide training and revision videos

Learning Media and Clinical Skills are proud to introduce their latest aid to teaching. You will be able to watch or download a series of short videos on a wide variety of clinical skills and practical techniques.

File formats will be available for download and transfer to your mobile phone, ipod, iphone or pocket PC as well as making the films viewable on this website or as a download to save on your PC. 

Technical hints and tips to help you transfer the films will also be published.

Some of our initial projects are outlined below:

  • Revision videos for 3rd year medical students on topics such as cannulation, gloving and gowning, taking a 12 lead ECG and NG tube insertion. 
  • Checking and setting up medical equipment such as CPAP, ventilators
  • Practical examples of Trust tools in use such as SBAR and the MEWS algorithm