Simulated Patients (actors)

We have about 80 simulated patients in our programme who act the role of a patient or relative for training and examinations sessions. We are able to provide simulated patients to take part in your educational event. We will liaise with you to ensure your needs are met and train the simulated patient in how best to undertake any role.

If you just want the services of a simulated patient our requirements from you are:

  • A two line description of the scenario(s) including gender and age guidelines to ensure matching of the right simulated patient to the scenario – at least 6 weeks before the event.
  • Timing and venue of the event – at least 6 weeks before event.
  • Discussion between our simulated patient lead and yourself – 4 weeks before event.
  • Your full scenarios should be with us to send to simulated patient – at least 2 weeks before event.
  • Our simulated patient lead will run training sessions for the simulated patients (and you if possible) – 1 week before event.

Alternatively we can liaise with you about scenario writing and facilitation of the event in addition to providing the services of the simulated patients.

Scenarios in which simulated patients have been used so far include:

  • Breaking bad news
  • Consent and ethical issues
  • Dealing with children
  • Dealing with people with communication difficulties
  • Angry patients/relatives
  • Team working

Costs – please enquire about costs


Sarah Wilding, simulated patient lead

Mailpoint 210
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Road
S016 6YD

023 8120 6512