Appraisal for medical staff

A process of appraisal for medical staff has been developed at UHS both to support our doctors in their personal and professional development and to meet the requirements of the General Medical Council as a cornerstone of the revalidation process.

More information on revalidation for UHS doctors is available on the revalidation for doctors at UHS web page.


The Trust has trained approximately 110 appraisers to provide a reliable and consistent appraisal to all consultants, SAS doctors and post-CCT fellows.  The trained appraisers will be the only people able to undertake an approved appraisal for these groups.

For each care group there is an appraisal lead, who can advise you on requirements in your care group and help you find an appraiser.  In some care groups the appraisal lead will allocate an appraiser to their doctors.  You should not use the same appraiser more than 3 times in succession.

Appraisal and revalidation

The appraisal process supports the decision of the Responsible Officer (RO) in whether to recommend an individual doctor for revalidation. Appraisals must take place annually, with five appraisals making up a revalidation cycle. 

 Medical appraisal reviews your performance in four domains:

  • knowledge, skills and performance
  • safety and quality
  • communication, partnership and teamwork
  • maintaining trust

Each domain is broken down into three attributes of good medical practice (GMP) which cover all the areas of GMP. Download a copy of the GMC's good medical practice framework

The appraisal process

The appraisal year runs from 1 April until 31 March. Appraisal remains separate from job planning. Appraisals should usually be conducted by an appraiser from within the individual doctor’s care group.

The concept is that doctors work continuously over time to produce a portfolio with evidence in all areas to allow the RO to make a recommendation of revalidation at the end of the period.  Supporting information (SI) will need to be gathered throughout the year and presented at least two weeks in advance to your appraiser. This SI will be assessed on whether it is sufficient to demonstrate good practice, or whether it raises a cause for concern in practice. A formal appraisal meeting will take place. Allow two hours for this meeting. 

The appraisal discussion will cover all the work you do as a doctor both within and outside UHS, paid and voluntary.  There should also be discussion on areas you are concerned about and would like addressed. The discussion should be both supportive and developmental and should lead to an agreed personal development plan (PDP).

Preparing for your appraisal 

To help you prepare for your appraisal, please see the following documents:

UHS practical guide to creating an appraisal folder - this also contains a comprehensive checklist of supporting information

UoS practical guide to creating an appraisal folder - guide for the use of clinical academics

How medical appraisal should work - a useful first guide to medical appraisal

GMC supporting information document - describes the different types of SI covering a variety of aspects of your work.

Online portfolio and appraisal system: UHS Revalid

All doctors connected to UHS as their designated body should use the new UHS Revalid system to collate an online portfolio of supporting information. The website is The new system is mobile friendly and as such we haven't created a separate app although this decision will remain under review.

This replaces the old Revalid system. In UHS Revalid you can:

  • Store all your portfolio evidence in one place and share with your appraiser
  • Add reflective notes and upload files
  • Store current and previous versions of your Form 4/PDP
  • Export copies for your records
  • Collect your patient and peer feedback
  • Keep track of your revalidation and outstanding evidence

The Form 4 and PDP must now be completed on UHS Revalid for all new appraisals. If you've already started to complete a Form 4, using the word document or old Revalid; you'll still be allowed to submit this via SMA up to 2 January 2018. If you have any questions please direct them to

After your appraisal

Following your appraisal discussion, you will need to have your Form 4 and PDP signed off within 28 days, otherwise the appraisal will not be valid. Please make sure you complete the output statements at the end of Form 4. These statements are a requirement of the GMC.

You will then need to email your completed Form 4 and PDP to

In order for the RO to be able to view all appraisal Form 4s, they are stored electronically in a central confidential area. A copy should also be given to your care group lead.

360 degree feedback

360 or multi-source feedback is a method of collecting and presenting feedback on an individual's behaviours and performance from people they work with. You must have 360 appraisal at least once in every five year revalidation cycle and within three years of revalidation. For more information and to access the system used by UHS, search for "360 feedback" on Staffnet. It's not accessible via the external website.

Patient feedback

Patient feedback is a GMC requirement for revalidation. The Trust is in the process of developing a system for patient feedback. Until this is in place, a minimum of 40 completed forms over the course of a year is required. A choice of two forms are available to download. You may also use another form such as that of your own royal college.

Trust grade doctors and pre-CCT fellows

The Trust recognises that many doctors in these grades want to return to training or to progress towards an Article 14 CESURAE. Therefore your educational supervisor needs to undertake an appraisal of your period with the Trust using a system similar to the report they would compile for a trainee’s ARCP. Current versions of Trust doctor appraisal forms are available as downloads. When completed, the Form 4 needs to be sent to

Post-CCT fellows should undertake appraisals using the standard forms used by consultants and SAS doctors and should be appraised by a UHS trained medical appraiser..    

New starters and locums

The Trust policy is that all those who have been in post for more than six months by 31 March must have an appraisal by that date (i.e. anyone in post before 1 October), with the following exceptions: 

  • Former trainees who have had their final RITA or ARCP within the appraisal year can have that assessment count.
  • Doctors who have had an appraisal from their previous employer in the UK within the appraisal year. That appraisal will also count. 

In both instances the forms used must be emailed to with a covering explanation.


  • Henrik Steinbrecher is the UHS appraisal and revalidation lead.
  • For senior medical appraisals, please email