Medical Personnel Induction

Junior Doctors' Hours Issues

Welcome to the Junior Doctors' Hours section of your induction. This page is designed to give you a brief overview of mandatory issues you need to be aware of prior to starting with and during your time at SUHT.

Trusts have a legal responsibility to ensure all doctors are working within the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) and New Deal (ND) guidelines.

  • To ensure compliance, the Trust must monitor the hours worked and rest taken by all Junior Doctors. This information is submitted to the Department of Health bi-annually in the form of a ministerial return.
  • All Junior Doctors are contractually obliged to undertake diary monitoring for at least 2 weeks twice a year.
  • All working patterns are under continual review and the Trust is actively working toward the 2009 EWTD target, ensuring all Junior Doctors work no longer than 48 hours per week.

Where to go for further information

When you begin working for the Trust, please follow the link http://suhtranet/JDHours (only accessible internally) for more information relating to Junior Doctors' Hours.

For further information please refer to the attached pdf document showing guidance from the Workforce Development Directorate which is part of the South Central Health Authority. In this document you will find useful information relating to workpatterns, controls on hours worked, rest requiements, diary monitoring and pay bandings.

For any other queries relating to Junior Doctors' Hours please contact the following: