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August monthly focus: Doctors' induction

Doctors' induction changed this August to incorporate the traditional “before you start” online learning and all the once only and annual statutory and mandatory training that doctors need to complete. In addition, the induction covered software used by the Trust, such as the new ePrescribing package. The need to use the IT suites did, however, restrict the numbers of doctors who were able to attend in one day. This August, Trust induction for doctors was available on 1 and 2 August with departments being allocated a day for their junior medical staff. There were some challenges to this new approach, but in the end it went very smoothly. Allocations for next August will be released shortly to allow plenty of time to plan for 2013.

The benefit of this approach to new starters, is that they are given time during their induction to get essential training completed as well as being given a flexi half-day of leave to compensate for the time needed prior to starting work at UHS. This means that junior doctors should have fewer problems getting study leave and can start work knowing this requirement has been met.

For the Trust, this means we will be able to record the induction and statutory and mandatory training undertaken by all new doctors in one go and thus, be able to meet our obligations to regulatory bodies in relation to this work. This has not been possible in the past with local leads struggling to keep track of doctors who rotate frequently. Training and development are taking on the recording and monitoring of all induction and statutory and mandatory training for all doctors-in-training from August 2012.

Statutory and mandatory training for all staff is also changing, becoming more streamlined. Many aspects of training (for example hand washing and labelling of samples) will only need repeating if performance has been called into question. Where possible, time between training has also been lengthened. Needless to say, there are still challenges – be assured we are continually reviewing the workload involved for staff, whilst ensuring that regulatory and mandatory requirements are met.

Posted on Tuesday 7 August 2012