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February monthly focus: leadership development

Leadership academy photo montageEffective leadership, at all levels, is the key to the Trust's success. The recent Berwick, Francis and Keogh reports (2013) have all emphasised the crucial need for such leadership to drive and assure the highest quality of service for our patients.

Leadership development helps individuals in leadership positions to develop personal breadth so that they are able to lead more flexibly, whatever the circumstances. Key leadership qualities are vision and direction, courage and the ability to inspire others to follow you. Effective leaders really listen, believe there is an answer and seek to find it, rather than give up.

Find out more about the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model.

Leadership development is mostly multi-disciplinary and reflects the day-to-day workplace. Your leadership development should derive from discussion with your appraiser and feature in your personal development plan. You can read a summary of leadership course opportunities, as of February 2014.

Not everyone is in a leadership role, nor does everyone want to be! However, personal development is for all of us and we are all expected to lead by example. 

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or contact Caroline Nesbitt, ext. 4072, or David Young, ext. 4032.
Posted on Tuesday 4 February 2014