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June monthly focus: Evaluation of training and development

The Trust spends a large amount of money each year on training and developing staff. A project was started in 2011 to support the evaluation of this training and to help ensure the best use is made of funding. The types of evaluation that are being carried out are:

  • course evaluation
  • evaluation of the impact training may have on improving a member of staff to undertake their job

Working with Hedda Bird from 3C Associates Ltd, a single generic evaluation tool has been created. The tool is being used within training and development and is now available for divisions and care groups to use for their courses.

The course evaluation tool can be used for individual courses, for example ECG monitoring; several deliveries of the same course; online courses, for example CAMIS; or courses delivered over a period of time, for example apprenticeships. All courses delivered will use the evaluation questionnaire, and summary reports can be generated to enable courses to be reviewed and modifications made from the feedback provided. 

Outcomes of training and development are difficult to establish but we now have a suite of impact evaluation questionnaires. An email with a link to the questionnaire is sent to line managers of staff who have undertaken a programme of learning, for example leadership programmes or the foundation degree. Reports from these evaluations will help the Trust to have a better understanding about whether the training being delivered makes a real difference in the workplace and if not, allows the training team to make changes.

How can you help

To ensure the most is made of the new evaluation processes it is very important that questionnaires are completed by everyone who receives one.

If you would like to view what is available, either course or impact evaluations, please contact Aleks Hales on or Alison Trenerry on

Posted on Friday 1 June 2012