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C diff

Measures taken to prevent infection and how patients and visitors can help.


Find out about Southampton's specialist cancer care services.

Cancer support for palliative care

Countess Mountbatten House (CMH) is an NHS palliative care service for this region.

Car parking

Patient and visitor information, including visiting hours, facilities, addresses, maps, parking and travel information, for each of our locations.

Cardiac intensive care unit

Our cardiac intensive care unit looks after people who are seriously ill with heart problems, either before or after heart surgery.

Cardiac MRI scan

Our specialist unit is dedicated to imaging the heart. We scan about eight people per day, each examination taking between 30 and 90 minutes. After your scan is over, a specialist analyses the results and prepares a report, which is forwarded to the doctor who requested your test.

Cardiac rhythm management

We are a world-renowned unit helping patients with heart rhythm disorders

Cardiac surgery

Find out more about our cardiac surgery unit.

Cardiovascular and thoracic

Our cardiovascular and thoracic service diagnose and treat conditions affecting organs inside the chest (the thorax), mainly the lungs and heart, and the major blood vessels that affect circulation.
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