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We have teams that will look after you in hospital if you have a gastrointestinal condition, and we also hold daily outpatient clinics.

Gastrointestinal medicine

Our gastrointestinal team provides a specialist service for patients with a range on conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease,coeliac disease, dyspepsia and Barrett's oesophagus.

Gastrointestinal physiology and motility

Our service uses cutting edge measurement technology to help gastrointestinal physiology, colorectal and pelvic floor patients.

General intensive care unit (GICU)

Our general intensive care unit (ICU) looks after people who are seriously ill. We normally take patients who have just come out from the operating theatre, or people who have been admitted as emergency cases.

General paediatrics

We cover a wide range of acute and long-term conditions, accepting referrals from general practitioners (GPs) and emergency departments.

General rheumatology clinic

The general rheumatology clinic is based at Victoria House, Southampton General Hospital.


Our specialist genetics service diagnoses genetic disorders that affect all ages and body systems.

Getting help, raising concerns or making a complaint

We welcome feedback, good or bad, as it helps us improve our services.

Getting involved

Volunteering at the Trust is enriching, rewarding and inspiring. Volunteers make a real difference to the experience of our patients and visitors by helping in lots of different ways.

Give feedback on our services

The birth afterthoughts service provides you with an opportunity, following your birth experience, to have any questions answered that you may not have previously asked.
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