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Haemophilia and bleeding disorders

Our haemophilia comprehensive care centre offers support, treatment and advice to patients and families affected by haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. We work with inpatients, outpatients and emergency cases, and treat people of all ages.

Hamady, Mr Zaed Zoher R

Mr Hamady is a consultant general surgeon with an interest in liver and pancreatic surgery.

Harris, Mr Mark

Mr Harris is a urological surgeon with a sub-specialty interest in endourology and benign prostate enlargement (BPE).

Hawkins, Dr Faye

Dr Hawkins is a paediatrician with an interest in nephrology.

Health professionals

The Trust provides information and services to support health professionals both internally and externally, including an Extranet for other NHS staff.

Health services library

Information about the health services library

Holroyd, Dr Christopher

Dr Holroyd is a consultant rheumatologist with a sub-specialty interest in biological therapies for inflammatory arthritis

Hormones and immune system

We offer a range of diagnosis, treatment and support services for allergies, immune system disorders, and conditions of the endocrine and metabolic systems.

Hospital Heroes

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of both individuals and teams at our annual staff awards ceremony, Hospital Heroes.

Hospital radio

Volunteers run hospital radio which is on air 24 hours, 7 days a week to Southampton General, Royal South Hants and Princess Anne hospitals.
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