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Vascular services

Our vascular unit sees patients from south Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands and the Falklands. Our staff have a special interest in disorders of the blood vessels.

Velissaris, Mr Theodore

Mr Velissaris is a cardiothoracic surgeon with a sub-specialty interest in adult cardiac surgery.

Visiting hours at Princess Anne Hospital

Visiting hours for Broadlands, Burley and Labour wards.

Visiting times at Southampton General Hospital

Visitors are asked to observe normal visiting hours, allowing patients peace and quiet for most of the day.

Visitors and families

Visitors are very welcome. The normal visiting times are 3pm till 8pm, with some variations depending on the ward. Please check before you set off.

Volunteer patient programme

We are looking for patient volunteers to give a little of their time to be involved in the education of our healthcare professionals.


Voluntary work at the Trust is valued, varied and interesting. Our volunteers help with a wide range of tasks.
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